Certina DS Action GMT Powermatic 80 – Top quality for summer trips

Commercial collaboration: Certina

Reasonably priced and high-quality self-winding GMT watches are one watch segment where the supply of Swiss watches is scarce. Certina’s sporty DS Action GMT Powermatic 80 hits this segment like a flush on a poker table. The collection’s three classic color options make the Certina DS Action GMT an attractive summer watch.

Dual-time watches have long been popular with travelers purely due to their practicality. Dual GMT time is a genuinely useful feature for the traveler, but most often the cost of a quality Swiss GMT watch is a barrier to purchase.

Most GMT automatic watches place themselves in the category of luxury watches with their starting prices of several thousand euros. Certina’s new DS Action GMT models offer an exceptionally high price-quality ratio in the price category of just over a thousand euros. There is some supply of Swiss GMT watches in the more affordable price range, but there is rarely a coverage that is comparable in terms of features.

Certina DS Action GMT Powermatic 80

The Certina DS Action GMT Powermatic 80 collection is launched with three watches, which mainly differ in color. Two with a steel bracelet and one with a leather strap. The design of the watch is clearly inclined towards diver’s watches. The color versions are the traditional black-green, blue-red and black-gold sold with a leather strap. The color combinations refer to many famous GMT watches, but are also traditional in Certina’s history.

Certina-looking quality

It is difficult to design a diver’s watch in such a way that it does not resemble other classic diver’s watches to some extent. Certina DS Action GMT watches, however, have a design that is clearly recognizable as Certina, both in terms of the design of the case and the layout of the dial. The dial is clearly readable, as chocolate should be, and the blue Super-Luminova lume of the hands and indexes promotes reading even in murky waters.


Certina DS Action GMT Powermatic 80

The bi-directional two-tone bezel covered with sapphire glass has a 24-hour scale, which can be used to indicate a third time zone if necessary. The bezel, divided into two different colored halves, makes it possible to distinguish between day and night time in the home country, and the GMT hand, colored with an effect color, shows the 24-hour time at the destination. The rim of the vintage-inspired black and gold model is monochrome, which serves the color combination brilliantly with its elegance.

Certinan DS Action GMT:ssä on ETA Powerdrive 8080.661 -koneisto Nivachron-spiraalilla, joka tarjoaa hintaluokassaan harvinaisen 80 tunnin käyntivaran. Nivachron-liipottimen spiraali on suojattu magneettikentiltä, mikä on nykyajan asettama vaatimus kellokoneistoille.

Certina’s DS Action GMT has an ETA Powerdrive 8080.661 movement with a Nivachron hairspring, which offers a rare 80-hour power reserve in its price class. The spiral of the Nivachron balance wheel is protected from magnetic fields, which is a modern requirement for watch movements. It is worth noting that the quick movement of the GMT hour hand works smoothly in both directions, i.e. the date changes forward or backward by moving the GMT hour hand.

Powermatic 80 -automaattikoneisto.

The watch is water-resistant up to 200 meters and the 41-millimeter case made of stainless steel 316L has a crown protection, but the crown is also screw-lockable. The two models have a bracelet made of stainless steel, which is equipped with Certina’s DS or Double security double latch. The strap of the black and gold model is brown leather, which gives the watch an aged tone. The finish of the watch seems to be of a higher standard for its price category and its fit on the wrist is excellent.

Certina DS Action GMT Powermatic 80 istuu ranteeseen erinomaisesti.


The Certina DS Action GMT is a dual time watch that hits the shopping nerves of many travelers who buy a watch when the summer travel fever strikes. Swiss quality and features, for which many brands have to pay even multiple times the price. This superbly priced GMT is a welcome addition to a narrow but attractive segment.

In a nutshell:

  • Manufacturer: Certina
  • Model series: Certina DS Action GMT Powermatic 80
  • Models:
    • Black-green: C032.929.11.051.00
    • Blue-red:C032.929.11.041.00
    • Black & gold: C032.929.26.051.00
  • Movement: ETA Powermatic 80.661
  • Power reserve: 80 hours
  • Case material: 316L stainless steel
  • Case diameter: 41 mm
  • Glass: anti-reflection sapphire glass, sapphire glass on the back cover
  • Water resistance: 200 m
  • Wristband:
    • Black-green: 316L stainless steel piece bracelet
    • Blue-red: 316L stainless steel piece bracelet
    • Black-gold: brown leather strap
  • Recommended price:
    • Black-green: 1240 €
    • Blue-red: 1240 €
    • Black-gold: 1200 €

Certina DS Action GMT Powermatic 80 will be available from retailers nationwide from March onwards.


  • Valmistaja: Certina
  • Mallisarja: Certina DS Action GMT Powermatic 80
  • Mallinumero:
    • Musta-vihreä: C032.929.11.051.00
    • Sini-punainen:C032.929.11.041.00
    • Musta-kultainen: C032.929.26.051.00
  • Koneisto: ETA Powermatic 80.661
  • Kuoren materiaali: 316L ruostumaton teräs
  • Kuoren halkaisija: 41 mm
  • Lasi: heijastussuojattu safiirilasi, takakannessa safiirilasi
  • Vesitiiviys: 200 m
  • Ranneke:
    • Musta-vihreä: 316L ruostumaton teräs palaranneke
    • Sini-punainen: 316L ruostumaton teräs palaranneke
    • Musta-kultainen: ruskea nahkaranneke
  • Suositushinta:
    • Musta-vihreä: 1240€
    • Sini-punainen: 1240€
    • Musta-kultainen: 1200€

The Certina DS Action GMT Powermatic 80 collection is available at retailers nationwide.


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