Tyyliniekka LIVE Watch Show

Tyyliniekka LIVE Watch Show is a live broadcast to the 25,000-member Facebook watch community from a multi-camera studio built on the customer’s premises.

Our live broadcast service is the most effective way to reach potential watch buyers in the Finnish market. The broadcast is ideal for presenting novelties, if necessary in cooperation with retailers.

Tyyliniekka LIVE Watch Show is a fixed-price turnkey service that includes everything essential.

In addition to the studio equipment, our service includes production planning with the customer, installation and disassembly of the studio equipment at the customer’s premises, live broadcast with interviews from start to finish, and a lightly edited post-recording.

The broadcast will be made to the Kellofoorumi community, which is one of Finland’s largest watch-themed Facebook groups with about 25,000 members. The post-recording can be published on selected social media channels, wherever you want.

We also advertise the produced video on Tyyliniekka’s Facebook page to audiences outside Tyyliniekka and Kellofoorumi for a total of 150,000 people in Finland. Our prices include your advertising budget and ad production. If you want, you can increase your advertising budget and reach an even larger audience if necessary. Ask more about our sales.

More detailed service description

  • Planning meeting with the customer.
  • Professional host during broadcast.
  • Live broadcast with 1-3 cameras (up to 2 hours in length).
  • Used languages: Finnish and English
  • The broadcast is pre-marketed in the Kellofoorumi watch community, as well as in Tyyliniekka’s other marketing channels (online magazine, Facebook, Instagram), which reach about 30,000 people.
  • The raw material photographed by the cameras remains free for the customer to use.
  • Lightly edited post-recording of a live broadcast.
  • Post-release publishing on selected social media channels.
  • A Facebook advertising campaign that reaches 150,000 potential Finns.


The Tyyliniekka LIVE Watch Show broadcast reaches a large audience interested in watches immediately through the Kellofoorumi watch community. In addition to this, the content related to the broadcast in our online magazine, combined with a post-recording uploaded to Google-owned Youtube, will serve thousands of information seekers in the future. The broadcast that is viewed in afterwards generates direct visitor traffic, increasing the awareness and desirability of the brand and it’s products.

Price: 4.550 € (VAT 0 %)

Travel and accommodation expenses for the production team are invoiced separately in accordance with the Finnish Tax Administration’s instructions. The service is charged in advance and travel expenses after broadcast, 14 days net. Or separately agreed.

More information and orders:
Mr. Matti Airaksinen
Tel. +358 45 122 870
[email protected]