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Bestseller content about watches and lifestyle.

"What we do, we do it with passion." - Matti Airaksinen, Founder and Editor-in-Chief.

In brief

Tyyliniekka is a leading watch and lifestyle online media family in Finland which reaches up to 150,000 Finns every month. We are well-known for high quality and content-rich publications, our online communities, events and event collaboration such as The Watch Show Finland. We also run our weekly live program on Youtube starting 2nd June, 2020.

We're also the only Finnish press partner of Baselworld for years and currently the only working media focused on watches.

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Tyyliniekka Podcast interviews watch industry professionals and discusses the most important phenomena in the industry. Episodes are distributed on all major distribution platforms, such as Spotify, Apple Podcast, etc.

News & reviews

We publish product news and high quality reviews that our readers appreciate. Content can be text, image, audio and video. We share our content on social media channels and participate in the emerging discussion about it. And as you can see, we usually combine watches and style.

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We send our readers newsletters in which we present the most important news and articles. The sponsor will gain visibility at the beginning of the letter with a logo and link, and a one-piece content space at the end of the newsletter. The customer delivers the finished material (logo, link and text).

Contact person: Matti Airaksinen, mobile +358 45 122 8780, [email protected]